Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Week

I really liked starting my week with the early morning workout! Especially after a weekend of indulgences (family bday party with bbq,all the fixin's, cake, real ice cream,candy corn, etc etc) plus left-overs, it felt good to start the week fresh with a hard workout. Back to protein, veggies
and healthy snacks - and my food journal of course!
To make the most of this program, be sure to get another cardio session or two in during the week. If you don't come in for a class, just work on your mile run. If you have only been walking, try a very light jog, just for a minute at a time. Incorporating the higher intensity of a
jog within the rest of your cardio will do wonders for your aerobic capacity and metabolism! You don't need to aspire to being a marathon runner.....just 20 minutes at a jogging pace each week
will make big changes in your body!
ps Make sure you have good, supportive shoes - very important for your feet,knees & back!
See you all Wednesday!

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