Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 2

Here we are in Week 2 of Bootcamp! I'm wondering how the weekend went as far as eating
"clean"......there are always more opportunities to resist bad food and drink. I'm not sure how many of you are keeping track of your eating by writing it down - and I know it takes alot of time - but it is, without a doubt, the most effective way to make changes in your diet that will last. If you have kept a food journal, please bring it Wednesday so I can take a peek.
My husband was out of town this weekend, which made it easier for me to eat light. I stuck to
salads, smoothies, etc but didn't really have a substantial MEAL so by Sunday I was wanting something GOOD to eat! I saw a big ad in Sunday's paper for the Golden Corral....with the smorgasbord, all you can eat buffet. It looked so good (I'm sure better than it actually is!) So off we go at 5:30 last night with all of the blue-hairs but it was so crowded we didn't stay. The diet fairy must have been looking after me!
We went to HOPS instead, where I had a 9oz sirloin, baked potato, salad and one of those sweet croissants. It took my total calories over for the day, but was ok to indulge after having a
good week otherwise. HOPS doesn't have nutritional info, but I used Outback's since it is similar. It feels so much better to NOT eat badly than the short-lived pleasure when you do.
My cough is still lingering, making me a little tired and short of breath, so I am going to Plan B
and getting on the steriods to knock it out, which I should have done last week. But will be there Wednesday. I tried running some on the treadmill on Friday and I noticed that every time I increased the speed to run (from 4 mph to 5 mph), the calories burned per minute also increased, from 6 per minute to 9 per minute. I'm not a runner but I want to do this!!

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