Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take a Pill!

Last Sunday, while trying to navigate the maze of dead-end isles at the Super Walmart, looking for a Brita water filter (silly me, they were right next to the
paint - of course I should have known that!) I came across an item that I have been
meaning to get for awhile now. A weekday pill holder! Got one for Greg too! At the risk of sounding like a "senior", it is a must-have for organization lovers!It is perfect for our vitamin supplements. I like keeping mine in the car to take on the way to work with my first serving of water and Greg can easily pack his for business travel.
Taking daily supplements will make a huge difference in how you feel and will provide needed protection for our heart, bones, joints, immune system and more serious medical conditions and illness. As far as measures taken for preventative care, swallowing a few pills each day is such a SIMPLE task that can be life-changing.
I understand how challenging it is for women to juggle busy households, jobs,
activities, etc to make a commitment to regular exercise. And I know that it isn't
easy to cook and eat nutritious whole foods consistently. But supplementing your
diet with essential vitamins is so DO-Able and critical, especially for post-
menopausal women.
At a minimum, here are the 4 supplements women should be taking DAILY:

Multi-vitamin with high dosage of Vitamin C, E and B's
One-a-day brands will not provide enough protection; a high quality
multi for women will support our hormones with needed B vitamins
(I like TwinLab Women's Ultra Daily, it has capsules that fully digest
and an energy blend with herbs like gingko and ginseng plus 4000% of
B12 which is like getting a shot of it. If your multi has enough doses
of C, E and B, you won't need to take them separately)

Calcium (especially after menopause)
The amount in a multi is not enough protection for bone health,
an additional supplement is also needed

Vitamin D-3
There is more evidence that both men and women who are low on vitamin D
can suffer from a host of health problems and it is very easy to be
deficient, especially in the winter when we are exposed to less sunlight.
I double my D3 in the winter to 2000 IU each day. Vitamin D is also
necessary for calcium to be absorbed in our body and will help protect
us from getting colds, osteoporosis, depression, dementia, cancer, heart
disease and stroke.

Fish Oil
The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have many health benefits but since
we aren't a big fish-eating society, a supplement is recommended. Fish oil
will protect against heart disease, joint and arthritis inflammation, depression
and aging cells. If you can't handle the "after-taste", try keeping your fish
oil in the freezor and take with food.

Another bonus for taking these four supplements is that they ALL will assist in
weight loss....and how easy is that? Ladies, make it a priority to stock up on
your vitamins and TAKE THEM. It's the least you can do for your health that will
have the greatest impact!