Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gimme a h ! C ! G !

OK, so I thought that my diet was pretty darn good - ate lots of protein & veggies, used coconut oil, only ate out occasionally, no soda, ate every 3-4 hours and tried not to use processed foods. I did drink chardonnay - but only on the weekends. Of course I exercise alot - strength training 3-4x a week and cardio 3-4x a week. So why was I not losing the excess belly weight that kept lingering from early stages of menopause years ago? My legs were getting skinnier, my shoulders and back looked really "cut" and I was finally building a butt from weight training.....but the belly would not budge! I also wanted to have less bodyfat on my upper arms to see more muscle definition from all of my hard work.

 I had been hearing alot about the hCG diet centers and knew a few women who had lost alot of weight - quickly - on their plans so I started investigating. After alot of research, I found a homeopathic hCG and modified diet plan that targets stored fat around belly, hips, thighs and upper arms and is supposed to work as well as the pharmaceutical hCG but without any risk of side effects. Knowing firsthand how extremely difficult it is for women to lose this excess fat, and how a diet like this could jumpstart our fat loss efforts, I bought a sample bottle and set out to test it myself. If I did well, this would be Trim Up's New Year Resolution miracle diet! (btw, I did offer the hCG diet to a test group at Trim Up last week so they could finish before Thanksgiving and so far they are very pleased and losing weight quickly-more on them later)

The hCG drops are all natural but supposed to reset your body's fat-burning to reach that bad "white fat" that stores up from eating sugar, carbs and processed foods, etc. The first 2 days are "loading days" in which you are required to eat everything in sight - as much fat as possible. That was surprisingly hard for me to accomplish as I felt so guilty! I did not realize until days later how important the loading is in helping to curb your hunger during the first week and hate that I missed out on a chance to eat a package of french creme horns (that I have not had in 10 years!).

After the loading days begins the low calorie phase - 2 weeks of 800 calories per day (more when exercising) that consists of whey protein shakes, lean chicken, turkey, beef or fish, green veggies, a few eggs, 2 servings of certain fruit and rice crackers. If you eat any other carbs or sugar, the diet is ruined and you may as well stop taking the hCG. I am on the last day of this phase and I am proud to say that I DID NOT CHEAT! The toughest part was getting through the first weekend without wine but by the second weekend, it was so much easier. Guess I am losing my carb cravings.

What helps to keep you going and motivated is the quick weight loss. To see the scales go down every morning makes the willpower stronger! I have lost 8 lbs and 2 inches from my waist so far and I feel amazing! I will continue for 3 more weeks by adding more calories and more food choices but still no sugar or carbs even though I am finished taking the drops.

This diet serves many purposes including 1) it is a natural detox by eliminating all processed food, soda, artificial sweeteners and alcohol, 2) it is hypoallergenic by eliminating foods that tend to cause food sensitivities like gluten & dairy, 3) it is low-glycemic by only allowing foods that will not raise blood sugar and then spike insulin (fat-storing hormone), 4) it boosts your metabolism with high protein & eating every few hours, and 5) it makes you more aware of the calorie, fat and sugar content of foods by keeping a food journal.

Here are some things that I learned these past 2 weeks while on my hCG diet:
> I realize now that I had been eating way too many calories - even though healthy choices (like nuts) > If you wait about 10 minutes after feeling hungry, it will go away if you just wanted something to eat but weren't truly hungry
> I prefer scrambled eggs with 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites - they are much fluffier!
> Drinking orange juice first thing in the morning before eating was not good for my blood sugar and insulin!
> My beloved wine was not helping my waistline.
> I feel more energetic eating this way - even on low calories.
> You will need a daily fiber supplement the first 2 weeks.
> You will not be able to go out to eat in a restaurant during these first 2 weeks
> Don't be surprised if people become uncomfortable or even irritated around you when you are passing up the fatty food, carbs and alcohol. Maybe the fact that you are committed to "eating clean" makes them feel bad about their nutritional habits or weight.....misery loves company? Or some people just don't like change....especially if you are the cook of the household.

Once I complete the remaining 3 weeks I will give total bodyfat and inches lost and also reveal my before and after photos!