Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Greek!

I finally tried some Greek yogurt in place of the non-fat but sweetened with aspartame Dannon I had been using for smoothies. I did add a pack of Truvia but I think eventually I will get away from needing so much sweetness in taste. (this is a gal who used to drink big ol BoJangles sweet tea every day!) The taste was still GREAT!!
Here is why Greek yogurt is better than the rest:
Lower Carbs (only 6 compared to Dannon at 19)
More Protein (15 compared to 5)
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Other Artificial Additives
Lower in Sodium
Thick and Creamier
Greek yogurt can be found in grocery stores.
By the way, last night my husband wasn't home so instead of cooking dinner, I just had a Lean Cuisine. But was still hungry. My first reaction was to snack on popcorn but I stayed true to Bootcamp and made the smoothie. And for 200 calories,only 18 carbs, no fat and 33 grams of protein, it was SO FILLING that I immediately felt full. YAY me!
Debi :)

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