Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Anyone else watch The Biggest Loser last night? If you don't follow that show - you are missing it! The workouts they put them through makes our Bootcamp look like Camp Cupcake! And those contestants are dangerously overweight. It makes you realize that our bodies are capable of much more than we think.....yes, it doesn't feel good and its exhausting but each week will get easier. So try to run a little, even if its just for a few seconds!
I guess Blaire told you all how her heart rate monitor showed that she burned 876 calories during this morning's workout! Her average heartrate was 160, with the max at 200. That is
almost twice the calories that she usually burns in an hour cardio class!
Lauren is recovering from gall bladder surgery and may go home today. Lorraine had to get
on some antibiotics but will be back on Monday. Cindy came in for a later class today...she had
not exercised at all this past year so she is still recovering from Monday! But she will be back.
Welcome to Alexis who joined in today. She had not been in a fitness program before, but Blaire said she did really well!
Glad there was light!!! I slept much better last night so I should be good for next week.
Let me know how its going. You can now leave comments here without having to sign in.
Debi :)

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  1. Everyone kicked butt today! I love to watch the biggest loser. it makes you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday morning!!!!!!! :)