Friday, January 8, 2010

Life after Near Death

The drive home last night after closing up Trim Up at 8:00 was like any other -
not much traffic on 485 heading out towards Mint Hill and Cooper Lawrence on the radio. Normally I call my husband when I leave and chat with him on most of the
drive but I had talked with him earlier so I was not on my cell phone.
But all of a sudden I saw headlights coming towards me in my lane (I was going about 75 mph in the left lane)! I barely had time to glance over to my right to see
if I could get over to the right lane, which luckily only had one car further behind mine. And then the speeding car flew by me, continuing in the left lane without even slowing down. (I found out later that it was a drunk driver, over twice the limit, who was arrested and fortunately did not hit anyone)
With the speeds that we were both traveling, and in my little VW bug, I know that I would have never survived that head-on collision that I narrowly escaped. It seems so surreal that it even happened, as I happily tend to live a day to day predictable routine without too much out of the ordinary. But this incident has really made me reflect on what I would leave behind....what will people remember about me the most? Now that I feel "spared" and can continue living, I am wondering what I can do to give my life more meaning and have a lasting influence on those close to me.
When I re-opened Trim Up two years ago, I felt very fortunate to be able to work at a business that was so enjoyable to me. And although it has not been easy during these economic times, I know now, more than ever, that this is the avenue for me to use my experience, talents and passion to live a more purposeful life. In these past few years, I have seen how much women my age struggle with so many issues, including health and fitness. There is such a need for a support system for women to help them keep up their own wellness - both physical and mental - with all of the life changes we experience as we age.
As far as healthcare and aging, there seems to be alot more awareness, programs and support towards senior citizens but women in their 40's,50's & 60's who are still working and/or caring for elderly parents or children are really struggling with stress, busy schedules, menopause, fatigue, relationships and health issues. My mission is to provide a supportive, inspiring atmosphere where women can be encouraged to take care of themselves and improve the quality of their lives.

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  1. So glad you are all right! I received notification from the Chief about the drunk driver (how several drivers had swerved out of his way) . . . scary stuff.