Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Complicated?

If you are in the mood for a great "chick-flick", especially if you are over 40, and even more so if you have been divorced - "It's Complicated" is a very entertaining romantic comedy. My husband actually liked it take your man!
It was refreshing to see an older woman (Meryl Streep is 60ish)depicted as happy,
attractive, accomplished and with some sex appeal. Even though her character Jane had her share of insecurities about aging, she seemed comfortable in her own skin and had created a full and happy life for herself since divorcing. There were several funny scenes in the movie that women can relate to (like how our bodies look much better when we're lying down!)and hopefully can feel better about when we realize that it's a normal part of getting older that happens to the best of us. And, I must add, there is nothing better than being fortunate enough to "age"!!
Movies are an escape with often unrealistic, "perfect" scenerios. Although most of us will never live in a beautiful estate overlooking the Pacific, have an affair with our ex-husband (how many even want to talk to their ex?!), be a gourmet chef or
have problem-free kids, we can all learn from and be inspired by Jane. It was obvious that she took steps and action to make her life more fulfilling. She went to a counselor to deal with her personal issues, she had a network of girlfriends to talk to and share with, she used her cooking talent to open a business and enjoyed
hobbies(that vegetable garden was pure fantasy - not one weed!). Jane exercised and watched what she ate (which would really be a challenge with that bakery!). She had close relationships with her children. She laughed alot.
We may not live on the grand scale of a Hollywood movie, but the basic elements of doing the work necessary in order to live our best life are the same, no matter what the circumstances. Midlife can be a time of reinventing ourselves by using the wisdom, confidence and experience that comes naturally with age. Actually, it doesn't need to be THAT complicated!

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