Monday, January 18, 2010

What You See Is What You Get!

Have you ever heard of "Vision Boards"? They are simply a collage of pictures, words or sayings that you can put together to represent goals that you have in your life. They can be short-term - like pictures of a vacation you want to take this summer - that reminds you of what you have to look forward to during those endless work weeks. Or they can be long-term, with images of what you hope for in the future. For help with weight-loss, photos of a slimmer self or the MOB dress you want to wear at an upcoming wedding can be a daily reminder of why you shouldn't skip aerobics class when you just want to curl up in your snuggie and watch Oprah! Vision Boards can help you keep your goals in sight and make them reality!
The Vision Board that I started shows some both short and long term goals. There are some projects around our house that I'd love to see completed in the next few years like our media room and landscaping. This will take some sacrifice in our current spending habits, so hopefully a daily visual will help curb unnecessary purchases as we keep the big goals in sight. I also like to visualize what our life will be like at retirement age, when we will have more free time for the things we enjoy... like bike riding, tennis and travel. This active lifestyle will require that Greg and I stay fit and healthy along the we remind ourselves that the bowls of oatmeal are really paying off! By the way, the woman sitting on the piano
is 86 yrs old! And it may take me that long to regain my long-lost piano playing skills!

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