Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looks like it is time to VEG out!

    I just got back from another AFPA Fitness Conference and am once again so inspired and excited to share what I've learned with others.  I attended more nutritional lectures this year and only a few exercise workshops because the topics and information was so interesting and important to my business and personal
health.  This year the buzz was about Plant protein vs Animal protein and that debate was addressed in several lectures including  "Women's Health", "Anti-Cancer Diet", "Analyzing Popular Diets", "Eat to Win" and "Healthier Eating Habits".
   The information presented are based on the latest published research and scientific fact but is not going to be available to the general population through media because it is controversial.  The food industry is big business and politically connected so even scientifically-proven nutritional info that will benefit Americans'
health will not be public knowledge because it hurts corporate profits.  The FDA is a very powerful and politically influenced organization - not exactly who we can count on to protect our health and well-being.
   So, the things that were eye-openers for me that I will make an effort to change in my diet are:
 1)  Dairy - Cow's milk (casein) is the most carcinogenic (cancer growing) animal product that humans consume.  Calcium is best absorbed by eating spinach and other leafy green vegetables.  There is a reason why so many people are lactose-intolerant - animal milk is not meant for human diets (especially infants and children) And the high level of growth hormones in cows that we ingest accelerates weight gain and sex hormonal imbalances.
 ( I am sticking with almond milk, cutting back on cheese & yogurt and switching to brown rice protein powder)
 2)  Animal Based Foods - Are highly acidic and fight our natural pH, causing all kinds of inflammation from joint pain to allergies as well as weakened immune system and cancer cell growth. Over 25 grams of animal protein per day is considered toxic to our bodies.
   (I am keeping animal protein servings to 4 oz at each meal, only 1x per day, and supplementing with more beans, grains and plant protein)
3) Plant Based Foods - Are alkaline, which supports our bodies healthy pH levels, and supply higher quality sources of protein that are more readily absorbed.  Cancer can not thrive in an alkaline environment and alkaline foods support our immune system.
   (I am going to try to eat more like a vegan and less like a carnivore)
4) Digestion - Chewing food fully releases enzymes that help digest food and absorb more nutrients.  We should not drink with a meal to avoid "washing" down food.
           ( I am going to work on eating more slowly and chewing more like a cow!)
5) Liver - All toxins in animals end up in their liver first and then their fat cells.
     (No more chicken liver for me!)
6) Peanuts - They are actually very moldy and toxic- not a good nut to snack on. No wonder there are so many people allergic to them!
       (Sunflower Seed Butter is very good!) 
7) Microwaving - Will destroy nutrients and anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables.
     (No more frozen microwave veggies!) 
8) Exercise - If you exercise with a high acidic (animal based) diet, the increased oxygen creates an environment for cancer to grow.
       (Need to remind my customers to eat their veggies!) 
     So, I know this new, research-based information can be hard to "digest" and many will not want to believe it.  I feel like it is my responsibility as a fitness professional/business owner to pass along the facts to my customers (and any one else who will listen!)  Having had 2 forms of skin cancer myself, I certainly want to do everything I can to stay cancer-free. And I want to be as healthy, active and disease-free as possible to enjoy my life to the fullest, as I head into my "Grandmother" years. Giving up certain foods to accomplish this is definitely worth it. I just finished the homeopathic hCG detox diet and know that I CAN survive without sugar, alcohol and processed foods after eliminating them for a whole month. It just takes some time to get the cravings out of your system but motivation and willpower helps!
                                                Save a cow - eat your vegetables!                 

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