Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Shake Things Up!

It was only 4 weeks ago that I first heard about Whole Body Vibration (WBV).  I received an email from Dr. Mercola's website where he gave information on it and fully endorsed this "accelerated training".  What I read was interesting but I kinda dismissed it as too "out there".  However, something told me to look into it and I am so glad I did!  WBV has a 50 year history of use from Russian cosmonauts and Olympians to US pro sports teams and athletes, medical rehabilitation and therapy, chiropractors and high-profile celebrities.  There have been over 600 published medical reports on WBV that show the increases in body strength, bone density, human growth hormones, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

I knew this equipment would be ideal for the women here at Trim Up.  To be able to increase muscle without stress on joints and do it in 10 minutes vs one hour is remarkable.  As we age, it becomes more
difficult to build and maintain muscle mass, boost metabolism, keep weight off, especially around the waist,and fight the aging process with declining hormones.  WBV will accelerate our efforts in exercise so that we can see faster and more results without having to risk injury or aggravate achy joints with longer or more intense workouts.

WBV can be found in a few gyms out in California and Florida but I had little success in finding anywhere nearby.  The company I was purchasing my equipment from referred me to some of their customers in Canada who have had their machines for several years.  These clubs only have the vibration machines along with other spa-type detoxifying treatments. They have regular customers who have seen amazing results with vibration training.  In only a few weeks they are seeing noticeable changes in their bodies with more muscle, less fat, better sense of well-being and energy, more mobility and flexibility and smoother skin with less cellulite.  I was sold!

So it has been a week since we received our machine and I have used it every other day for a strength workout lasting about 10 minutes and every day for stretching and leg  massage.  The first thing I noticed was that I could move my usually stiff neck more freely from side to side.  My arms, legs and butt also feel tighter....and less "lumpy"!  I also kept up my usual fitness routine of 3-4 cardio/strength workouts. And I have been sleeping a little better - not waking up so much....probably from the decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone. At first the vibration felt odd but each time I become more accustomed to it and now I think it feels good! Afterwards, I feel like I just had a massage!

I know this sounds too good to be true but WBV has so much documented, proven success and has been used for many years in Europe that I know eventually it will become standard fitness equipment for Americans.  It can so beneficial for the inactive, older population or those with injuries who can't exercise normally.  With its time-efficient 15 minute workouts, WBV can make regular exercise possible for those with overly busy schedules.  And let's face many people just don't like to exercise so this is a way to get the health benefits of blood circulation, bone density, muscle  mass, weight loss and lymphatic drainage with little exertion, sweat or time.

This is so exciting that Trim Up is a pioneer in this new, revolutionary method of accelerated training.  I hope all of my members will try it and experience it for themselves.  Some  of the more adventurous ladies are ready and willing to give it a try while others are holding back, until they see what others think.
So, stayed tuned and we'll see how it all "shakes out"!

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