Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally - a good role MODEL!

I'm not a big fan of the fashion industry with their anorexic models and
unrealistic standards that "normal" females can never live up to. And so I
was pleasantly surprised to read an article last week about Brooklyn Decker.
A resident of this area (she went to my son's high school), she has made
Union County proud! She got her start as a model, married tennis great Andy Roddick, and is now in a major motion picture - at the ripe age of 23!
Obviously she was blessed with extraordinary beauty, height and drive. But as far as her knock-out physique, she achieves that by maintaining a regular exercise regimen and a healthy lifestyle. Brooklyn says that as a young girl she was embarrassingly tall and skinny and that her mom got her started exercising. Not so much to be in shape but because she worried about her getting osteoporosis later in life. So Brooklyn began strength training at age 16 which she credits for her lean shape, once her body finally matured and developed some curves.
When she first moved to NY to model, she initially got caught up in all of crazy diets and fasts the other models were doing and actually ended up gaining weight. Luckily her family intervened and got her back to normal eating and exercise. Brooklyn now has a healthy approach to maintaining her "assets" - running 4 days a week and using free weights 3 days a week. And she eats a nutritious diet, focusing on foods that she should be eating more of rather than foods she should not eat.
Even though she is living a high profile life in NYC, she doesn't seem to be caught up in celebrity excessiveness. She loves shopping at Target,
is close to her family and is practical and level-headed.
The fact that the small-town-girl-next-door made it big by being smart,
resourceful, honest and a hard worker is a good model for all girls.

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