Monday, November 15, 2010

My Inspiration - Tosca Reno

One of the best fitness magazines I subscribe to is called "Oxygen", a Canadian publication that is packed with nutritional and fitness information along with personal stories of women
who have changed their bodies and lives through weight training and "eating clean".

The articles and columnists are very down to earth and encouraging,, especially for those new to strength training and the concept of clean eating, which is basically eliminating processed foods, sugar, white flour and replacing with whole foods high in protein and nutrients that will support the demands of exercise on the body.

My favorite columnist is Tosca Reno, who transformed her life in her early 40's by becoming fit and lean through weight training and healthy eating.  She has since written several books on the subject including her latest "Your Best Body Now" that I just finished.  We all love a success story and Tosca's is one that many women can relate to and think, "that could be me"!  Tosca dedicated herself to being a wife and mother for many years while losing sight of her own identity.  In her late 30's she was frumpy, overweight, depressed and trying to adjust to becoming a single mom to her 3 girls with her marriage ending.

She joined a gym and timidly began working out - just cardio at first, because she didn't know anything about exercise.  Once she started losing weight she began training with weights (her trainer later became her husband, who is editor of Oxygen magazine) and even entered  body building competitions.  As she transformed her body, she gained confidence in
her own abilities and talents which turned into a successful interior design business and later as a writer and speaker.

I firmly believe in the power of being physically fit to boost our self-confidence and energy in
every other aspect of our lives.  In reading her story, Tosca explains that it takes a commitment to give the time and effort necessary to obtain and maintain your healthiest body.  It is not easy to stay focused on eating clean and making exercise a priority but the
payoff is like a dream come true!  That feeling of confidence and pride in being fit, lean and
healthy overflows into relationships, career and quality of life in general.  Feelings of insecurity, fatigue and low motivation that  come from being overweight and/or not taking care of our health with proper exercise, nutrition and supplements can hold  us back from
happiness and getting the most out of life.

It is easier for me to incorporate exercise into my schedule since that is my job (yay!) but I struggle with eating clean and try to find ways to stay motivated.  Reading books like Tosca's and magazines like Oxygen each month help me stay positive and focused.

Being in your 50's and beyond does not have to mean a steady decline in health, vitality,
energy, sexiness and productivity.  There is so much to look forward to during this stage of life, along as we stay fit and healthy enough to enjoy it all!

Tosca "before" An out-of-shape Mom in her late 30's

Tosca - now in her 50's

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