Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coconut Crazy!

I read the most interesting book last weekend, "The Coconut Oil Miracle", that I highly recommend. I have been substituting other cooking oils for coconut oil for several months now but had not tried using it on my skin. But now that I know how powerful the oil is for skin and hair, I am replacing my moisturizers (and Retinol)with it and hope to turn back into a 30 yr old very soon!

What I learned is this:
~ commercial creams are mostly water and will soften skin only until the water
evaporates or is carried away in the bloodstream
~ most lotions contain some type of processed vegetable oil that is stripped of
all of the natural, protective antioxidants that are so important to skin care
~ coconut oil has anti-aging properties by removing dead cells on the skin, giving
a smoother, healthy glow and by strengthening the connective tissues that
supports skin, to help with wrinkles & sagging
~ coconut oil will protect the skin from germs, infection and bacteria
~ the anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil aid in healing skin conditions
~ coconut oil protects the skin against UV light and free radicals
~ applying the oil to your scalp will control dandruff and makes the best
conditioner for soft, healthy hair

Next I am going to try coconut oil soap and coconut cream concentrate for baking. The book also had some great sounding recipes with coconut oil that I can't wait to try. If you are skeptical, do the research like I have and you will see that coconut oil is the best kept secret!

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