Friday, April 16, 2010

Exiting The Comfort Zone

Another Bootcamp session started this week here at Trim Up which I love leading. The participants come to class ready for anything I can dish out and really give it
their best effort. There are all levels of fitness and degrees of physical limitation due to bad knees, ankles, hips (after age 40 it seems everyone has
"something"!)but it is so rewarding to see the group's accomplishments in fitness.

The key to making positive changes in your body and wellness often involves just
getting out of your comfort zone. Your body will not change unless you make it do
something it is not used to. For example, Cardio Queens who think hours of aerobics is the best way lose fat will need to get into the weight room and learn about strength training. Waking up an hour earlier to exercise before work is sometimes the only way to fit in a workout on busy weekdays but its not easy dragging out of bed the first week or so.

Most people struggle the most with consistent clean eating. It does take a lot of effort, time and planning to have the right foods available each and every day. It is so much easier to pull out the lean cuisines at the end of a long day or eat out most meals. I tell Bootcampers if they can be very diligent with nutrition for one week, they will feel so much better that it will motivate them to want to continue good eating habits.

I heard Kelly Osborne talking about her weight loss on a talk show and I liked her response when someone asked her if she liked to exercise. She said that she hates the gym but she likes what the gym does for her body and makes her want to go. Getting out of our comfort zone isn't something that we want to do and it may feel more like the twilight zone at first but the payoff could be life-changing!

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