Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Change in Plans

Doug was 65 and planned to retire in July and move to Mexico with his wife of 45 years. They had sold their house at the lake along with all of their furnishings and possessions and were only taking their clothes (and Doug's beloved recliner) in a U-Haul to Mexico. It was what they had worked, saved and dreamed of for years.
What they did not plan on was Doug having a stroke last week and dying days later.

Doug's untimely death is so sad and such a loss for his family, co-workers and many
friends and acquaintances. I can only imagine what his wife must be feeling...he was her world ever since she was 15 yrs old and now to be without him must be so lonely and scary. Her retirement years will be nothing like she had anticipated and now everything has changed so suddenly.

I always look at the obituaries in the paper each morning and wonder how people died who were "young" (funny how my idea of young has changed over the years!). People lose their life every day unexpectedly but when it happens to someone you know and know their "story", it makes you stop and think...."what if". I did not know Doug very well but he was a close friend to some friends of mine so I have heard alot of the details about his death and family, etc and it has been on my mind alot.

It is sometimes hard to understand God's plan for us. All we can do is to try to be prepared as much as possible for the unexpected, live life to its fullest by doing our best to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, appreciate all of the things in life that make us happy and accept the things we can not change.

My own life certainly has its challenges and is not perfect by any means but I am going to make more of an effort to keep my mind and heart full of love and gratitude for my many blessings. Because no matter what is happening with the economy, weather, jobs, bank accounts or other "problems".....LIFE is good!

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